Injured on the job? Secure workers’ comp with expert legal counsel in Rochester, MN.

Workers’ compensation exists to provide financial assistance to individuals who were injured on the job. The process for obtaining workers’ comp is often long and challenging, and successful applicants must meet specific criteria.

Choose Weinrich Law Office for legal assistance with your workers’ comp claim in Rochester, MN. I understand your frustration, and strongly agree that your employer should pay restitution for your medical bills and loss of income resulting from your workplace injury. Once I begin work on your case, I will investigate your claim, collect medical records, interview witnesses and work alongside your doctors as I build the information I need to prove your case.

I fight on behalf of my clients. However hard the system pushes you, I will push back even harder to ensure your medical bills are paid, your lost wages are compensated, and your rights remain protected.

Applying for Workers’ Compensation

When you are injured at the workplace, it is crucial to file an application for workers’ comp as soon as possible. Also make certain to report the incident to your employer immediately, as many employers require claimants to see certain doctors. If this is not the case with your employer, then you may choose your own doctor.

Once a doctor has determined that your injury prevents you from working safely, you will receive temporary disability. You can expect to receive two-thirds of your gross income this way. Note that there is a maximum benefit to temporary disability, which means it may not recompense two-thirds of a high salary. Once your application for workers’ comp is approved, you will likely receive your first check within two weeks.

As most of my clients come to Weinrich Law Office for assistance filing or appealing their Social Security disability claims, I dedicate a large part of my practice to this field of law. I will guide you through the entirety of the SSD claim process so you can relax and focus on your recovery.

Approximately seventy-five percent of SSD claims are initially denied. In the likely event denial happens to you, do not feel discouraged. I will continue to stand by you as we help appeal your claim. A great many appeals are successful, especially at the administrative hearing level, which gives me every incentive to continue fighting on your behalf.

If Your Application for Workers’ Compensation Is Not Approved

In some cases, an application for workers’ compensation is denied. If this happens to you, your best option may be to file an appeal with my assistance. You will attend an administrative hearing before a judge who will make the final determination as to whether you are approved.

If you lose your appeal, you may still file for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. Doing so will require a separate application. It will also require you to stop seeking workers’ comp, as you cannot collect workers’ compensation and SSD at the same time.

If Your Condition Is Permanent

While successful claimants are initially given temporary benefits, some may later receive permanent disability status. Your employer and/or their insurance company will likely require you to see a doctor of their choosing before you are deemed permanently disabled. Your attorney may also choose a doctor to examine you.

You may believe it will work in your favor when the insurance company and your attorney agree on a particular doctor, but this is not always the case. The risk remains that the doctor will not render an opinion that is in your best interests. If this happens, you may become locked into that final decision. If your injuries are not permanent, you will eventually be deemed suitable for work again.

For Dedicated and Compassionate Legal Assistance. If you were injured on the job and cannot work, contact a Rochester workers’ compensation attorney who will fight for you. Call Weinrich Law Office to arrange an initial meeting at (507) 288-5982 or send us a message.


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