Have you suffered a loss as the result of someone else’s actions or negligence? Then civil litigation may offer your best opportunity to receive the compensation you are owed.

Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a civil litigation case, you are not required to have an attorney. Going alone is highly inadvisable, however, as a plethora of state and federal laws make civil litigation virtually impracticable to those who have not studied and practiced them for decades.

When you want your greatest chance at securing the legal outcome you desire, you should seek the representation of an experienced and knowledgeable Rochester civil litigation lawyer.

How Weinrich Law Office Handles Civil Litigation

When we first meet to discuss your case, I will ask many questions pertaining to your complaint. Once I agree to handle your case, we will establish an attorney-client privilege. That privilege means anything you discuss with me will remain purely confidential.

At the onset of your case, I will likely request your assistance in gathering certain documents. I will then prepare your case while doing the following:

  • Gather other documents and evidence that are pertinent to your case
  • Conduct a thorough investigation
  • Interview witnesses and take statements
  • Develop your case
  • Negotiate with the other party in the hope of reaching a fair settlement
If a settlement cannot be reached, you and I must determine whether it is worth taking your civil case to trial. Some civil litigation matters are likely to yield only small settlements. Others are impossible to prove. Recourse for such a matter may be unfeasible through civil law. But when I believe my client has a realistic chance of securing the legal outcome they desire, I will continue to fight at their side for the compensation they deserve.

It is important to bear in mind that any insurance company representing the defendant does not have your best interests at heart. You should therefore restrict all discussion of your case to conferences with your lawyer. Furthermore, if your case involves a personal injury complaint, you have the responsibility of continuing to seek and receive any medical care you are prescribed.

What Does Civil Litigation Cover?

Civil law covers a broad range of matters – so much so that many attorneys specialize in a single aspect of it, such as business law. The many areas which fall under the umbrella of civil litigation include:

  • Personal injury
  • Injury on the job
  • Business disputes
  • Defective products
  • Medical malpractice
  • Property rights disputes
  • Oil and gas lease issues
  • Condemning of property
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Contracts and breach of contract

Are Civil Law and Criminal Law the Same Thing?

Civil litigation is separate from criminal law. A civil action is a lawsuit that involves money, injury, damages, property, or other non-criminal matters. A plaintiff brings an action against a defendant during a civil proceeding, yet the defendant is not accused of violating the law. The defendant therefore cannot be declared guilty, nor can they be fined or incarcerated. The verdict will be in favor of either the plaintiff or the defendant.
If you have suffered some loss due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, it is important that you work with an attorney who will fight for your rights. Call Weinrich Law Office to arrange a free initial meeting at (507) 288-5982 or send us a message.


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